Dr Danny Penman
The Art Of Breathing
e do it without even thinking, but it’s the thing that sustains us. Dr Danny Penman invites us to consider the art of breathing and how it can be the answer to the ups and downs of life.
James Janson Young
Future Gifting
Make friends with your future-self and make friends with the future.
Jo Loring-Fisher
Taking Time With The Kids
We spoke to Jo Loring-Fisher about her kids book ‘Taking Time’ (we had to, didn’t we!) about the importance of reading with children and encouraging them to take in the world around them.
Gavin Starks
Longplayer - How Will We Be Long?
Gavin Starks from Longplayer invites us to consider our long term view and consider how the questions and answers it raises are indeed timeless and infinite.
Helen Gordon
Notes On Deep Time
We spoke with Helen Gordon, author of ‘Notes from Deep Time’, an exploration into how the earth tells us the story of the distant past and informs our future.
Robert Macfarlane
A Journey through Deep Time
Taken from one of our favourite books from recent years, we share an excerpt from ‘Underland : A Deep Time Journey’ by Robert Macfarlane, an investigation into the dark and deep places below us that reveal so much about the planet and our place within it.
Smith of Derby
Telling Time
So much of what we share on Taking Time is about our perception of time, but what about the literal telling of time? We spoke with Bob Betts and Jason Budd at Smith of Derby, clockmakers since 1856, to find out more about those who look after the public clocks across the country.
Oliver Burkeman
Time Management for Mortals
We chatted with author Oliver Burkeman about his new book ‘Four Thousand Weeks - Time Management for Mortals’ and how confronting our radical finitude – and how little control we really have – is the key to a fulfilling and meaningfully productive life.