Time is the greatest commodity we have, what do we do with it?
We can’t store or save it, and ironically, we often feel like we’re making the most of it when we use it up or give it to others. It’s easy to dwell on the past, be afraid of the future and somehow allow the present to pass us by.

Major life events offer a chance to reassess, but without being forced into change, how do we take time for ourselves, our communities and our planet? In an age when our attention has become a commercialised commodity, how do we prioritise what we give our time to?

This site is a collection of essays, thoughts and writings on time gathered by Simon Bray and Andy Kelham. We published one article a week throughout 2021 and are indebted to the kindness and genius of all the contributors who share their thoughts, insights and learnings with us.

We hope that what you read on this site will help you make your time count.
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