Dr Martin Shaw
In Conversation
Taking Time sits with Dr Martin Shaw to talk about the power and presence of myth and story.
Simon Bray
Time, To Give It Away
Reflections on the gift of time and how to share it with others from Taking Time founder Simon Bray.
Andy Kelham
The Timeless Things
What do we lean on when our concept of time is shattered? Andy Kelham takes a light-hearted look at the principles of living that time cannot alter.
Christopher Daniel
Long Now London
We spoke with Christopher Daniel, organiser of the Long Now London meetup, about his relationship to time through architecture, pilgrimage, the Long Now foundation and how we can each actively engage in preservation to gauge a greater sense of time.
Quintin Lake
The Perimeter
Photographer Quintin Lake spent 5 years walking the 7000 mile perimeter of the UK, capturing the drama and beauty of the coastline. His expansive journey on foot invited him to consider himself in relation to place and time.
Erland Cooper
Carve The Runes and Then Be Content with Silence
Musician Erland Cooper creates ethereal and poetic musical reflections inspired by the landscape. We spoke with him about a new record which has been buried and won’t be released for 3 years, as well as sharing music from his new EP, released today.
Helen Beedham
Making Time Culture Work
Our working culture is fixed around short-termism and rigid time constraints. Helen Beedham challenges us to see that the system is broken and it needs to be re-evaluated before burnout and breakdown becomes the norm.
Ishan Singhal
Temporal Scaffolding of Consciousness
Ishan Singhal is a PhD student working in the field of consciousness is exploring whether time may be a useful fundamental property in unifying and furthering our understanding of human experience.